U.S. Fresh Potatoes to Mexico Pt 3

U.S. Fresh Potatoes to Mexico Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. A vote today by the Mexico Supreme Court could overturn a ban on U.S fresh potato imports with our second largest trading partner, which would be economically huge for America’s potato industry.

National Potato Council CEO Kam Quarles says the draft ruling was written by a justice last week and must now be approved by a majority of the five members …

QUARLES … “Hopefully, the remaining, the other justices will agree with the one who wrote this opinion and it’s just another step in normalizing relations with Mexico. That’s such a, as you said, they’re a vital trading partner.”

I asked Quarles if he’s optimistic about today’s vote? …

QUARLES … “I kind of approach it like I do things in Congress Bob. You know, if you don’t have the votes, you’re just having a nice conversation. And, right now, the ruling is a very solid ruling, but in order for it to have any force and effect, it’s got to have two more votes.”

A positive vote, Quarles says would mesh well with our trade agreements …

QUARLES … “Yeah, it clearly would put Mexico back on level footing with their responsibilities under, not just USMCA, but also the WTO agreement, even though now it’s been replaced. This whole situation was in violation of the NAFTA agreement. I think there’s a lot of folks within the Mexican government who would kind of like to move on and get things on a better footing.”

The potato industry estimates that access to all of Mexico for fresh U.S. potatoes would provide a market potential of $200-million per year.

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