50 Drought Stories

50 Drought Stories

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Colorado Ag Today has reported that the State Drought and Ag Impact Task Forces are seeking information from Coloradans about the 2020 drought.

Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg now says they are hoping to get at least 50 drought stories posted to the Virtual Drought portal by Thanksgiving.

Greenberg: ”Folks can go to www.engagecwb.org. We’re partnering with the Colorado Water Conservation Board. That’s the acronym. So it’s engagecwcb.org.”

Greenberg says anyone can record their stories by clicking on the Virtual Drought Tour link.

Greenberg: ”... takes you to a page where you can write your story, share photographs of your land or ag land around you, the mountains or reservoirs or streams, whatever you’re noticing around drought. We’re going to be using those stories with policy makers, with other agencies about the impact of this year. To try to shape policy decisions and how resources are developed and allocated for future drought years, given that this is becoming more and more regular.”

You can see stories and photographs posted by other people at the same website: www.engagecwcb.org.

The latest figures from the US Drought Monitor showed that the entire state of Colorado is at some level of drought.

Some of the impacts are already clear with the largest wildfires on record continuing to burn.

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