Corn Growers Offer Voters Guide

Corn Growers Offer Voters Guide

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
The Colorado Corn Growers Association has a voters guide it says it would like you to consider as they fill out your 2020 ballot.

Executive Director Nick Colglazier says the CCGA’s Policy Committee took the position of NO on three state propositions: Proposition 113 regarding the Popular Vote, Proposition 114 regarding the restoration of Gray Wolves, and Proposition 118 having to do with paid family and medical leave.

The Policy Committee also takes a position on Amendment B’s repeal of the tax assessment rates.

Colglazier says Corn Growers support the measure because it would repeal the Gallagher Amendment. Passed in 1982, Gallagher required 45% of the property tax to come from residential properties and 55% to come from non-residential properties including commercial, vacant, industrial, and agricultural.

Colglazier: “What this has led to over the years is a complete imbalance from where those property taxes come from. Those non-residential property taxes including agriculture pay a rate right now at 4 times as much as residential. And so it really puts the burden on those non-residence properties in a community. “

Colglazier says the policy committee’s voter guide can be found in the the Colorado Corn Kernels newsletter on the group’s website.


October 26 is the deadline to register to vote or update your registration and still receive a ballot in the mail. October 26 is also the suggested day to return a ballot through the mail. After the 26th, voters should visit a drop box or vote center to drop off their ballot.

In Colorado, you can register to vote and vote in person up to 7 PM on Election Day.

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