WPC Farm Hall Goes Virtual Pt 1

WPC Farm Hall Goes Virtual Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As is the case with many meetings and conventions in 2020, the Washington Policy Center has announced that this year’s “Farm Hall” meetings will be taking on a bit of a different look and experience.

WPC Initiative on Agriculture Director Pam Lewison says Farm Hall is usually a great way to share information and get together …

LEWISON … “Normally, we do a series of Farm Halls in the fall time. Normally, it’s sort of September, October, November. And we do in-person meetings, we have some panel discussions and we eat and everybody comes to hang out and network a little bit.”

But this year, Lewison says they’ve had to change things up …

LEWISON … “With the COVID restrictions and the number of people we can have, this year we decided to do our first ever virtual Farm Hall.”

And instead of multiple meetings in different regions, Lewison says …

LEWISON … “So, we’re condensing three Farm Halls that we spread out in various locations across the state into a single, virtual event. And, we’re hoping that that reaches some people that don’t normally get the chance to come out and visit with us in person.”

So, Lewison says consider Farm Hall as the same, but different …

LEWISON … “This year’s event will be the same sort of format. We’ll still have a panel discussion, it’ll just be hosted a little bit differently.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the Washington Policy Center’s 2020 Virtual Farm Hall coming up on Thursday, October 22nd.

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