CFAP-2 Includes Potatoes Pt 3

CFAP-2 Includes Potatoes Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Another $14-billion is available in Round 2 of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and potato growers are applauding the USDA for including them among the qualified crops.

National Potato Council CEO, Kam Quarles says it’s not a problem anyone wanted, but it must be addressed …

QUARLES … “Over the long-term, I don’t think anybody in the specialty crop industry wants to go down the road of consistent, regular government payments, but on a temporary basis it’s really the only show in town and I think this new program is going to provide substantial relief.”

Quarles says signups run through December 11th but do not wait …

QUARLES … “This program casts a very wide net as you imagine. The resources that underpin it are not unlimited and so we’re encouraging our producers to go sign up immediately.”

Quarles says before it’s too late …

QUARLES … “Folks for what every reason, if they aren’t able to show up and sign up until December, those federal resources may not be there at the end of the sign-up period so best to get in early.”

And, Quarles says he’d love some feedback …

QUARLES … “We obviously want to hear what producers are saying as they go to take on that sign-up process. And, I think we’ve got to a place where relief is going to get out to the folks who need it pretty quick. So, at this point we’re pretty enthusiastic.”

Quarles thanks the Administration and USDA for being open to adjusting the CFAP qualifications.

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