Farm Safety Pt 2

Farm Safety Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Protecting the safety and health of farm workers just makes sense. If you don’t have a healthy workforce, you don’t bring in the crops.

The Washington Farm Bureau’s Director of Safety and Claims, Richard Clyne says long before last week’s lawsuit seeking emergency action from the state to protect farm workers from coronavirus, farmers were already big safety practitioners …

CLYNE … “I think that what’s lost in the fervor around COVID-19 is that a lot of these are just good practices. They’re good practices that are now 6-feet apart instead of 3-feet, but we make them 6-feet apart, we take care of the people to make sure that they are at least possible likelihood of contracting this disease because they had to go to work and support their family.”

Safety practices, Clyne says are what keeps agriculture running …

CLYNE … “People going to work every day, supporting their families, support their communities, feeding our country. And, that’s what we want to support, keep them healthy, keep them supported, keep them going home. That’s what we do in agricultural safety. It doesn’t make any sense otherwise.”

But, Clyne says that message has been lost …

CLYNE … “What everybody needs to know is that agriculture is here to make sure we have food on your table, and it takes safe, healthy precautions with farm workers of all stripes, no matter where they’re from, no matter their status, none of that. They need to be safe to keep providing food to America and there’s no one in agriculture who really wants to do it more than the farmers themselves.”

Listen tomorrow for more … on safety in agriculture.

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