USDA Crop Purchases Pt 1

USDA Crop Purchases Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Good news for some growers last week, including some here in the Northwest, when the USDA announced details about the $470-million in Section 32 food purchases, on top of the purchase already announced.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse agrees, it is good news …

NEWHOUSE … “Well it is. You know, the Secretary’s been doing everything he can with the tools that have been provided to him to provide as much assistance as possible to the agricultural industry.”

Newhouse says it’s a great NEXT step and he can’t wait for a return to the old normal, in air quotes …

NEWHOUSE … “As a farmer myself, I’ve got to say that nothing’s going to be better than us getting back into business and returning to some kind of normalcy in our economy. But, this is certainly good news to help us bridge the gap until we get past this crisis that we’re facing with the pandemic.”

Newhouse says some of the funding will be spent here …

NEWHOUSE … “It does touch on some of the things that are important to our region; asparagus, dairy, some of the fruit, pears, potatoes. So, I think that that is a great step and adds to the security that farmers can hopefully rely on to get them through this very difficult period of time.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the USDA purchases and why more funding will be needed before we get past the pandemic.

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