Future of Food Pt 1

Future of Food Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The only thing that is constant is change, and nothing seems to changing any faster these days than the food market. What people like, what they want, and what they buy is constantly changing.

Mike Lee, co-founder of Alpha Food Labs, recently spoke at the Potato Expo about the Future of Food and where we’re headed in the marketplace …

LEE … “And, the future of food gets harder and harder to predict around one or two things because we are completely fragmented and tribal as a society, meaning there are more need states than there have ever have been out there than ever before.”

Lee says just talk to most of the big food companies out there …

LEE … “They’ve lost billions of dollars of market share over the past six years to smaller companies who can kind of find a good sized food tribe that maybe somebody used to call niche before, but actually built a business off of that and say, I’m not going to try to be everything to everyone. I’m just going to please this group of people because I understand them really well.”

Like everything else, Lee says the digital age is changing the way we do everything…

LEE … “My advice to growers is, you know, pick the thing in the community that you think you can service the best. How can you give a ten out of ten experience to a small group of people, not a four out of ten experience to everybody, because the difference is these smaller groups have much more power than they used to both in power and in influence.”

Lee says 21st Century eaters demand foods that fulfill needs at the intersection of health, sustainability, and flavor experience.

Listen tomorrow for more on the Future of Food.

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