Eye On Potatoes Podcast Pt 1

Eye On Potatoes Podcast Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Podcasting has emerged as a wildly popular media source in the past 6-to-8 years, especially with the under-40 crowd, but even in specific niche markets like agriculture.

Well, last week, the National Potato Council launched their own biweekly podcast called, appropriately enough, “Eye on Potatoes,” and Montana ag broadcaster Lane Nordlund is the host …

NORDLUND … “The Eye on Potatoes podcast is just another media source that producers, industry stakeholders and consumers can utilize to learn more about all aspects of the potato industry.”

Nordlund says podcasts are an important media tool in these high-tech times …

NORDLUND … “The National Potato Council thought it was important to engage individuals utilizing every aspect of media that they could.”

He says it allows them to bring the experts to you where ever you are …

NORDLUND … “We have great partners in agriculture media, whether that’s on radio, TV, print media and podcasts are just another way to reach a different generation and different aspect of the producer, consumer area.”

Nordlund says his job is bringing you the important issues …

NORDLUND … “Moderate that conversation, whether it’s on trade, agriculture and labor, transportation. We just finished up a great podcast on sustainability. And, truly it’s just to share the message of what the potato industry is up to here in the 21st century.”

Based out of Bozeman, Nordlund was born and raised in Central Montana and has been involved in production ag most of his life.

Go to Google Play or Apple Podcast to find “Eye on Potatoes.”

Join us tomorrow for more on this latest news source for potatoes.

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