Turning Whey into Vodka OSU Pt 2

Turning Whey into Vodka OSU Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. ‘Whey too cool!’ is just one of the phrases being used to describe a new WAY to conger spirits, and not the spooky kind. A new study at Oregon State University has captured the attention of distillers and creameries alike, using WHEY to make vodka.

And, OSU Food Sciences professor Lisbeth Goddik says it doesn’t produce cheese-flavored vodka …

GODDIK-11 = 19 … “We actually did a taste testing, not with our own vodka, but there are two others around the world, there are two other of these vodkas available on the market and one is from, I believe it’s Massachusetts. We compared that one to normal, traditional vodkas and I would say it’s slightly different, but not very different.”

Goddik says finding this alternative use for WHEY benefits both the creameries AND the environment …

GODDIK-15 = 25 … “It provides the artisan cheesemakers, if they are the ones who are taking this up, with a secondary income source instead of paying to get rid of their whey, they will be able to earn money on their whey. So, certainly, it’s a win-win situation and by not disposing of it through wastewater treatment systems or environmental places, then you have the environmental advantage as well.”

Goddik says the idea is attracting a lot of attention in the Northwest …

GODDIK … “So, we are hoping and I am working with some people who are trying very hard to raise capital to actually bring a product like this on the market.”

Goddik says the distilling could be done by individual artisanal creameries, or a number of them could form a cooperative to turn their WHEY into spirits.

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