Washington Potato Harvest Pt 3

Washington Potato Harvest Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. When you talk to Washington potato growers, one thing rings clear from that proud group: nobody beats us in yield or quality.

Part of that success can be credited with the research that goes on thanks to, in no small part, the relationship the industry has with ag scientists at Washington State University.

But, from time to time, according to Washington Potato Commission's Matthew Blua, it becomes necessary to replace some of those researchers ...

BLUA ... "Well, one of the things were finding now is we're getting a lot of scientists retiring, so we're having to replace scientists. Just this last week, we interviewed scientists for a potato plant-pathology position at Washington State University."

And, Blua says they looked at some of the very best candidates ...

BLUA ... "Yes we did. We had some very, very good scientists applying for that position. I hope they'll make a decision within a couple of weeks."

Blua says WSU's provides a lot of their expertise to the potato industry ...

BLUA ... "Oh, they really do and, you know what, we have a very good relationship with them, so they involve us in things like hiring. So, for example, I was on the search committee. I represented the growers. And, we have a very good relationship established with WSU. In fact, we're going to fill another position in the not too distant future at WSU. And, we're also filling a position currently with USDA agricultural research service in Wapato. And, that will be for an entomologist."

All this, Blua says as another wildly successful potato harvest is headed to market.

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