Food Waste Reduction Pt 1

Food Waste Reduction Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. With 40% of the food we produce ending up in landfills, the Trump Administration will focus on food waste reduction throughout the month of April.

That announcement was music to the ears of Representative Dan Newhouse who is heading up a Congressional effort to promote food recovery ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Actually, I'm excited to be part of an effort here in Congress to reduce the amount of food wasted in our country. There's a tremendous amount of food that we go to a lot of trouble and expense to produce in the United States, that actually gets thrown away."

Newhouse says this effort will support other worthwhile programs ...

NEWHOUSE ... "With the number of people that we're helping to provide meals for through the SNAP program and other things that that's truly a waste of a precious resource."

But, Newhouse says it's a team effort ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I'm a co-chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Food Recovery Caucus which is the fancy name for the caucus that deals in wasted food. I share that responsibility with Congresswoman Pingree, Chellie Pingree from the state of Maine."

The President's announcement says food waste undermines environmental stewardship and the ability of Americans to lead healthier lives.

Listen tomorrow for more.

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