Taste Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Taste Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Welcome to March, 2019 ... one of two very special months each year for wine lovers and the Washington wine industry. "Taste Washington Wine Month" has honored the state's wine industry for more than two decades with a fine blend of celebrations throughout the month.

Washington Wine's Heather Bradshaw says it all leads to the climax at the end of the month ...

BRADSHAW ... "The culmination of Taste Washington Wine Month is of course the Taste Washington event at the end of March. So, March 28th through 31st in Seattle, the 22nd annual Taste Washington Festival will feature more than 235 wineries, 65 restaurants and some of the nation's most talented chefs at a series of events throughout the weekend."

Any new twists to Taste Washington Wine? ...

BRADSHAW ... "So, Taste Washington is really upping the game this year with a really fantastic lineup of chefs from around Seattle and around the nation. So, take a look at the Taste Washington website for all the updates there."

And, Bradshaw says there is one new event in particular to consider ...

BRADSHAW ... "The New Vintage" on Friday night is a Taste Washington event and that's being held at a brand-new space, The Sanctuary in downtown Seattle and that's going to be super elevated, really great energy and amazing chef lineup at that event. So, that's definitely something that stands out."

For more information and a full calendar of all the Taste Washington Wine Month promotions and events, go to the

Taste Washington Wine Month website at www.tastewashington.org

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