BASF Mergers Pt 2

BASF Mergers Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. BASF has undergone some major changes in the past year, made possible thanks to acquisitions from Bayer during its merger with Monsanto.

BASF vice president of ag solutions, Scott Kay says there are more than $9-billion dollars' worth of new assets, and the integration of those new products and people will all be happening very quickly ...

KAY ... "And beyond that, we don't intend to change a lot. We believe we've purchased a fully-enabled seed portfolio crop chemistry in Liberty and Rely that are performing quite well and so we are planning on changing names of products and things like that. We'll just be represented now by BASF."

But, Kay says it may involve new products, but we're the same BASF ...

KAY ... "You know, I think the other thing that growers can appreciate is that they've come to know BASF as an innovative company, bringing new innovation to market with a strong research and development pipeline and that should not change and will not change at all."

And, he says it's really just a bigger tool belt ...

KAY ... "And that's what we want to continue to focus on and, again, bringing new solutions, but also you know help round out, as you mentioned earlier, take a look now at our combined solution or total solution that includes both seeds and chemistry and, again, just be right there with the farmers as they need us."

So, the expectations ...

KAY ... "You know, what farmers can expect us to do is to turn the corner into 2019 a fully-integrated company and be providing solutions as one team, one BASF team into the marketplace in 2019."

Kay says BASF options may have changed but our market strategy will not.

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