WHIP 2017

WHIP 2017

Rick Worthington
Rick Worthington
WHIP 2017

You may not know this, but there is a program that is providing disaster payments to agricultural producers to offset losses from hurricanes and wildfires during 2017.

Her is the west, the Hurricane part is not for you, but the Wildfire part...well that could effect any number of Farmers and Ranchers across the west where wildfire continues to be a problem year in and year out.

FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce has more information about applying for aid.

In the meantime, we recommend producers who have not participated in a USDA program to contact their local USDA service center to establish farm records. To establish a farm tract number, be sure to bring:

Proof of identity: driver's license, Social Security number/card;

Copy of recorder deed, survey plat, rental, or lease agreement of the land. You do not have to own property to participate in FSA programs;

Entities: corporation, estate, or trust documents.

Once signup begins, producers will be asked to provide verifiable and reliable production records by crop, type, practice, intended use, and acres. Producers with this information on file do not need to provide again.

Producers should bring production records for the last five years. If a producer is unable to provide production records, USDA is calculating the yield based on 65 percent of county expected yield.

Wildfire Recovery: FSA will determine eligibility for wildfire losses on an individual basis, factoring in the level of insurance coverage purchased by the producer. Wildfire recovery will also include mudslides and heavy smoke.

The program covers both the loss of the crop, tree, and losses of trees, bushes and vines.

The deadline is November 16.

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