Women in Ag Conference Reminder

Women in Ag Conference Reminder

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. A last minute reminder if you still want to attend the seventh annual Women in Agriculture Conference ... today is the last day to register! The one-day event will be held tomorrow from 8am to 3:30pm in 35 linked locations.

Washington State University Extension Director for Douglas and Chelan Counties, Margaret Viebrock says they've been doing this now for more than a decade ...

VIEBROCK ... "Well, the Women in Agriculture Conference has been going on probably for about 15 years, but the technology that we're using, this is the seventh year where we connect with women in agriculture in five states: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska. And, it's a unique opportunity for a one-day event where we bring the speakers to all of those locations, plus we have events locally at each site that are particular to the women who attend."

And the theme? ...

VIEBROCK ... "The event this year is called "Pump Up Your Financial Fitness" and what we're looking at is helping people strengthen their farm operation looking at

developing a healthy cash flow."

Viebrock says it's an important topic ...

VIEBROCK ... "Typically, the financial management of an ag business takes a back seat to production. And so, what we're trying to help these women do with their businesses is when they look at cash flow, they project what it's going to cost them to run their business this next year."

Go to http://womeninag.wsu.edu/ to learn more, to sign up, and for contact information.

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