Potato Soil Health Pt 1

Potato Soil Health Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. With a potato harvest looking good for another season in Washington, the varieties and growing methods are ever-changing. From Russets to reds to golds, Washington continues to be a top producer.

But, Matthew Blua, with the Washington Potato Commission, says when it comes to organic and conventional, the two could be seen as complimentary ...

BLUA-12 = 7 ... "There is a demand for organic potatoes and interestingly a lot of organic potatoes are produced by conventional potato growers."

Blua says there are a lot of reasons growers want to grow, and do grow, both ...

BLUA ... "What we're seeing with regards to this increase in interest in organic products is new techniques that come to the forefront. Organic growers are likely to be a little bit more inventive with regards to the kinds of things they do to impact their yield and quality and we're trying to see how we can transition some of those things into conventional production."

And, Blua says, conventional growers are paying close attention ...

BLUA ... "Oh, they are. You know, the materials that conventional growers use are amazingly effective and safe and I'm just amazed at how well they can produce a crop really holding back on various kinds of inputs."

Which, I guess, is good for both organic AND conventionally grown potatoes?

BLUA ... "I agree. And, you know I think that food has never been more available and safer in the history of man than it is now."

Listen tomorrow for more on what Washington potato growers are up with regards to improving the potatoes already seen as some of the highest quality in the world.

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