What's In Your Fruit Bowl? Pt 1

What's In Your Fruit Bowl? Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. What's in your fruit bowl? That's the question posed by Pear Bureau Northwest in celebration of American Heart Month in February.

The Pear Bureau's Kathy Stephenson says they saw Heart Month as another great way to engage with consumers ...

STEPHENSON ... "One of the things that inspired us is when we read about a report from the Center for Disease Control, the CDC, and it said that one in ten Americans do not get enough fruits and vegetables. And, that just really sparked for us that there's this opportunity for anyone in the fruit industry to really jump in and try to do more."

Always in tune with the techies out there, Stephenson says they came up with an idea that everyone could enjoy ...

STEPHENSON ... "And, the idea that we generated was to try to identify 'what's in your fruit bowl' and to create a social media contest, but also to reach out to all fruit suppliers. So, we have done outreach and our partners for this season include the California Avocado Commission, which is a terrific organization, as well as the National Mango Board."

She says the partnership was made with commonalities in mind ...

STEPHENSON ... "Both of these groups, interestingly, have the challenge of ripening their fruits just like pears, but we kind of feel like the fruit bowl is a great place for all of us to meet together."

Listen tomorrow when Stephenson tells us about the contest they came up with and how it allows your creative side to show your appreciation for pears and your heart health.

Go to USAPears.org for details.

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