Newhouse Talks DACA Legislation Pt 2

Newhouse Talks DACA Legislation Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. It's getting a lot of press recently, but we still have no real answers as to what the administration and Congress will do about DACA, the deferred action for childhood arrivals, if anything.

Representative Dan Newhouse says they're working on legislation called the USA Act, a bipartisan bill that protects DACA recipients from deportation while putting in place common-sense border security measures ...

DAN NEWHOUSE ... "I've been meeting with officials from the administration, met with the Secretary of Homeland Security, met with some folks from the West Wing of the White House, working on some alternative legislation that we can move forward to satisfy not only the needs of people in our country, but some of the things the President has demanded be part of any bipartisan bill."

Newhouse says the USA Act covers several angles of immigration ...

DAN NEWHOUSE ... "Also addresses immigration backlog to increase the number of judges available to process these cases. And plus, dealing with the DACA recipients themselves giving them a long-term lasting legislative solution which is exactly what the President wants to do."

Newhouse says it just make sense ...

DAN NEWHOUSE ... "That's why I think the President is absolutely right in demanding increased border security so that we stem the flow of people coming here illegally, that we know who's coming and going, that we can avoid being put into this same predicament."

Newhouse estimates more than 650,000 DACA recipients are currently in the U.S., with nearly 17,000 of them in Washington state.

Newhouse estimates nearly 17,000 DACA recipients live in Washington state.

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