Farm Fuel Mustard Seed Pt 2

Farm Fuel Mustard Seed Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Yesterday, we talked about the 'hot' organic alternative to chemical fertilizers in mustard seed meal. Farm Fuel Inc. has seen impressive results with improved yields and residual soil benefits.

Field Consultant Taylor Hoover says mustard seed meal is replacing several common fumigants, but methyl bromide is the most common ...

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "In Washington, they still have restriction on it, but it's not as restricted as in California. So, it's assumed that in a very short time methyl bromide, which is very harmful to the environment and to the ozone, will be completely restricted all the way throughout the United States probably the world. So, we'll be looking for different alternatives that can basically accomplish the same things in the soil."

Hoover says mustard seed acceptance dispels some of the misconceptions many have about farmers ...

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "I don't think anyone really wants to dump chemicals into the ground. It's a convenience and it's an ease that we've grown accustom to, but we're right on the verge of a change where we need to start being better stewards of the land and promote healthy soil and a more sustainable way of growing agriculture."

He says farmers eat this food too ...

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "Everybody's got to eat and with less and less farm land and less farmers and more restrictions, it's becoming more difficult for growers to accomplish feeding the world. So, it's these organic alternatives that are really going to promote and allow that to happen."

Hoover says there's ongoing research into ways to alter the microbial community surrounding the plant roots in such a way orchards, vineyards, and berries can thrive.

To learn more about mustard seed meal in your orchard or berry field, go to for contact information.

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