Farm Fuel Mustard Seed Pt 1

Farm Fuel Mustard Seed Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Growers looking to spice things up a bit in their soil are finding an effective organic alternative they say results in greater yields, fewer problems, and residual benefits.

Taylor Hoover, with Watsonville, California-based Farm Fuel Inc., says mustard seed meal really does the trick ...

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "There's an active chemical in mustard. It's the same chemical you can find in wasabi and horseradish. And, it's a spicy chemical that reacts with water and it is known to suppress pathogens and also stimulate microbiology in the soil. And, that microbiology improves plant growth, nutrient uptake while also feeding the microbes so that they can also help the soil break down and mineralize nutrients more efficiently."

Not that 'organic' is a nasty word, but I asked Hoover if they're seeing more acceptance of 'natural' alternatives like mustard seed?

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "Yes, absolutely. We're seeing more and more traction as people learn about it. Obviously, nobody wants to spend money on something they're not sure of, but as mustard seed meal continues to gain traction in the community, people are accepting it as a viable alternative to fumigation."

Hoover says as use of mustard seed meal increases, they're hearing from more and more people excited with the results ...

TAYLOR HOOVER ... "More and more endorsements every year from both companies that are distributing the mustard seed meal as well as the farmers that are using it."

Hoover says at this point the mustard seed meal is labeled only as a fertilizer, but they are working on an EPA label that might expand its effectiveness.

Listen tomorrow for more on Mustard Seed Meal and the chemicals it's replacing in berry fields and orchards.

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