Specialty Crop Block Grants Pt 1

Specialty Crop Block Grants Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. We're number 2! Again! The Washington State Department of Agriculture and the USDA have announced Specialty Crop Block Grant Program awards for 2017 and our state is, once again, receiving millions in federal funds for specialty crop research.

WSDA's Mike Louisell says it's something our ag community can be very proud of ...

MIKE LOUISELL ... "For several years now, Washington state has been the second largest producer of specialty crops in the United States and in the current round of grants issued by the US Department of Agriculture, we are receiving $4.1-million dollars in that federal funding to promote specialty crops."

Louisell says it's a testament to our versatility ...

MIKE LOUISELL ... "Now, specialty crops are fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and horticulture. And, we're a major producer, number two in the whole United States behind only California agriculture."

Louisell says 20 projects in our state will receive funding through the program this year ...

MIKE LOUISELL ... "We'll have research projects that will help commodity commissions such as the Washington State Potato Commission, the Wine Commission, the Hop Commission, and some of the others. And also, Washington State University, the major Land Grant University that supports agriculture so well in this state, they received seven grants that will help promote specialty crops."

Awards for individual projects range from $75-thousand to $250-thousand dollars.

Tune in tomorrow to hear more about the specialty crop block grants and some of the projects that will benefit from the funding.

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