Colorado Pork Producers Annual Meeting

Colorado Pork Producers Annual Meeting

Next month the Colorado Pork Producers will hold their annual meeting and invite anyone who raises hogs in Colorado to attend. Colorado Pork Producers Council Executive Director Joyce Kelly shares

Kelly: "So we are going to have our annual meeting on August 25th, in Pueblo at the Colorado State fairgrounds. It is going to be the day before the fair officially starts and will help kick off the hog show which begins the 26th. It is going to be a lot of fun. The meeting begins at 5:30 in the Colorado room at the fairgrounds. We are going to have a whole hog barbecue. There will be great speakers and a good time for everyone who attends."

Kelly continues with details of the meeting's agenda.

Kelly: "Well we are going to have a lot of good reasons to come. We're going to recognize some of the Colorado Junior Swine Association members and the work that they have done this great year. We are going to talk about the new antibiotic rules and different health issues that affect the industry. We're going to have some leaders in the ag industry there bringing greetings and telling us what is going on in Colorado ag. We are having drawings for all kinds of prizes including Bronco tickets. People are going to want to make sure that they come and get their chance to win those tickets."

She adds that elections will also be held for four board seats. To RSVP go to

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