Pork Academy Provides Education for Young Pork Producers

Pork Academy Provides Education for Young Pork Producers

For those young people who are raising swine, the Colorado Pork Producers Council is sponsoring a second one-day event to bring education and information to young hog producers. It will be held July 16th in Sterling at the Logan County Fairgrounds beginning at 10 a.m. Executive Director Joyce Kelly shares more

Kelly: "We're finding that raising an animal is one thing. Everyone can put an animal in a pen and make sure they are fed them every day. But really it is that gives the youth or the showman the edge? That is what we are going to emphasize is understanding that edge that is going to make you a really good pork producer — more than just that animal in the pen til the end of the year. Understanding ethics, understanding really what makes hog production successful. Equip you and give you tools to give you an edge — like I said — in the show ring. Not every one of these youth that raise hogs are doing it for shows, but for meat production and we are going to have a lot of good things that will help that as well."

In addition to learning more about the Veterinary Feed Directives that will go into affect in January — other topics include: biosecurity, nutrition as well as show etiquette, ethics and hog selection.

To reserve your spot for this event, go to copork.org or call the Colorado Pork Producers Council office.

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