Autonomous Tractors Corporation's Approach to Selling Their Systems

Autonomous Tractors Corporation's Approach to Selling Their Systems

We began a conversation about the Autonomous Tractors Corporation's President and CEO Kraig Schultz yesterday. Today Schulz shares his company's approach to getting their eDrive — diesel electronic drive system retrofit into farmers' tractors which will bring tractors one step closer to becoming autonomous.

Schultz: "Part of what is unique about what we we are doing is that we are not launching a new tractor company — despite our name. We're providing after-market products to dealers who can do this on behalf of their farmers. We want to make the dealers our allies and friends — not our enemies. By providing them after-market products which they are very accustom to installing on behalf of their farming customers. We can help the dealers with make money in their operations and they in turn can help their farming customers who are sitting on older tractors which — let's be honest the trade in value is not good."

With ag labor shortages and lower grain prices, the timing on ATC's products is very good. Schultz continues

Schultz: "Farmers are looking to cut costs and lower their risk every way they possibly can. We think that — while it is a challenging time for the farming community — it is actually more or less an ideal time to be introducing technology which can not only help them save costs today but set them up for the next several years as they look for the next wave of costs savings and that is moving towards better navigation and automany."

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