Rising From the Ashes

Rising From the Ashes

Rising From the Ashes

I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

A benefit event to assist Washington residents whose homes were destroyed by wildfires this summer will be held October 18 in Twisp. The Phoenix Festival is the brainchild of TwispWorks, the Methow Arts Alliance and the Confluence Gallery & Art Center. TwispWorks Executive Director, Amy Stork, says that Washington residents from near and far will be gathering together to rally and celebrate Methow Valley communities’ ability to “rise from the ashes” to create art and beauty.

STORK: During the Carlton Complex Wildfire events of this summer many members of our community started coming forward and saying I’ve just got so much that I need and want to express around what’s happening here. So hearing that we decided to put on a festival that would allow all these local people who wanted to do creative expression a format and a place to do that. And at the same time we thought what a wonderful opportunity for other people to come and support the fire recovery effort.

The entire complex of the fires and the mudslides that followed the fires destroyed over 320 homes throughout Okanogan County, and the number of businesses affected is widespread. Stork says 100% of the admission fee for the event will be donated to the Methow Valley long term recovery organization.

STORK: One of the things that the long-term recovery group is focused on is the fact that this is a huge wake-up call. This is not the last fire we’ll experience and we need to be better prepared for the next event like this that happens.

On Monday Stork will talk about the dozens of performers who will be on hand, as well as the interactive art experiences that will be available during the festival. For more information visit twispworks.org

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I’m Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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