Recall & Response Workshops & Nursery Crop Insurance

Recall & Response Workshops & Nursery Crop Insurance

Recall & Response Workshops & Nursery Crop Insurance

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

The first of three half day workshops focusing on the specific needs of retail raw milk dairies and artisan cheese producers will be held tomorrow in Seattle at the Pike Place Market Elliot Bay Room. These Recall and Response workshops are being offered by the WSDA Food Safety and Consumer Services Division and will walk attendees through the recall process as well as give them a chance to visit with a WSDA veterinarian on key animal health issues related to raw milk licenses. For more information on the Vancouver May 21 and Spokane June 3 workshops visit the WSDA website at

Jo Lynne Seufer, Risk Management Specialist with the RMA Spokane Regional Office, has this reminder for Pacific Northwest nursery growers.

SEUFER: May 1 is the sales closing date for our 2015 Nursery Multi-Peril Crop Insurance coverage. The insurance coverage provides protection for wholesale nurseries producing and marketing nursery plants grown in standard nursery containers or in the field.

Seufer says that there is a waiting period before coverage begins for all applications.

SEUFER: New policy applications may be filed any time of the year, however all applications, including those for new or amended coverage, are subject to a thirty day waiting period before that coverage will begin. So, May 1 is real important for those producers who have current policies and want to make changes to their policy for the 2015 crop year.

Seufer will be back tomorrow to talk about RMA's Livestock Risk Protection Program.

That's Washington Ag Today.

I'm Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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