Jackson County Ballot Measure Has Potential Expensive Price Tag

Jackson County Ballot Measure Has Potential Expensive Price Tag

In May, citizens of Oregon's Jackson County will vote on a ballot measure which bans the growing and cultivating of genetically engineered crops in that county.

Oregon Farm Bureau Government Affairs Associate Ian Tolleson shares more what has been estimated as far as the county's cost to enforce if passed.

Tolleson: "Danny Jordan, the County Administrator, presented to the board of commissioners last week that it would costs $259,000 to start a program to administer it. Abatement costs could be anywhere from $300,000 to — I believe he said — $2.2 million for a 20-acre field. So the costs specifically to the county are troublesome, especially in light of this is a county with dwindling reserves in revenue — it would take a big hit."

Tolleson says there are other things to consider like it opens up the county and farmers to lawsuits also the fact that Oregon has a Right to Farm Law in passed and if passed this measure would violate that law in both sprit and the letter of the law.

The Oregon Farm Bureau represents and supports all sizes, commodities and methods of Oregon agriculture.

Tolleson: "We think really all forms, methods of farming is important to the individual farmer and it's really their choice to farm what they want."

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