A Pink Tractor for a Cause

A Pink Tractor for a Cause

Perhaps while visiting the recent ag shows across the region, you may have come upon — not the traditional green or red tractor — but rather a hot pink 330 International on the exhibit floor.

Well, AgDirect and Northwest Farm Credit Services worked together last year and after inspiration found on social media platform Pinterest, employees pulled together their contacts and skills to make the pink tractor a reality in less than 30 days.

The Pink Tractor is to honor of breast cancer awareness and is part of a fundraising campaign for local breast cancer organizations across the Northwest.

Washington and Oregon AgDirect Territory Manager Chad Goldsmith shares the three typical reactions to the tractor at recent trade shows.

Goldsmith: “One is people love it. Think it is great. Want to take pictures and crawl on it. They ask if they can buy it. Obviously they are the big fans of the tractor. Number two is the one that actually makes me laugh a little bit at — they get upset that we painted that beautiful red tractor pink for and can’t believe we did that to a classic. Once we explain the cause and why we did it, they usually are okay with that . The third one is the one we call the war story guys. Everyone one had a 300 or a 330 International back in the day growing up on the farm. they want to tell you their story — and why it was either the best tractor they ever had or the worst tractor.”


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