Value-Added Potato Products are Hot

Value-Added Potato Products are Hot

In today’s busy world — fast and quick food items are becoming more and more popular. For example value-added fresh potato products — made up mainly of convenience-oriented items like microwavable packages and micro-bakers — on becoming more readily available on grocery store shelves.


USPB Retail Programs Consultant Don Ladhoff shares more about the ever increasing popularity


Ladhoff: “Well, value-added or convenience potato products have seen a lot of growth. They are very hot category at retail right now. The value-added fresh potato product ended up the year up 21 percent in dollar sales and 27 percent ahead in volume in 2013.”


Ladhoff said that this segment is rapidly growing.


Ladhoff: “The numbers I shared were fresh potatoes and if I break that down — 77 percent of those dollar sales were single wrapped potatoes — think of the micro baker that you pop in the microwave oven —- 20 percent of the dollar sales are in steam able bags microwaveable bags and the rest is made of up tray tags and fresh refrigerated products.”


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