Confirmed Wolf Kill  & RMA Sales Closing Dates

Confirmed Wolf Kill & RMA Sales Closing Dates

Confirmed Wolf Kill & RMA Sales Closing Dates

I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

On July 22nd a calf was found dead on the Graeber ranch in Laurier. It has now been confirmed as a wolf kill, and is estimated as a $900 loss to Graeber. The Wedge Pack which lives and hunts in the area has repeatedly attacked and killed livestock in northwestern Stevens County. In an effort to track the packs movements, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have been working this week to capture and collar a Wedge Pack member. Wildlife managers say, if the Wedge Pack continues to kill livestock, lethal removal of the wolves will be strongly considered.

USDA Risk Management Specialist with the Spokane Regional Office, Jo Lynne Seufer, wants to remind producers of the fall crop sales closing dates.

SEUFER: The upcoming sales closing dates for the 2014 crop year is the canola and rapeseed, and onion, which is September 3rd. Then our mint with winter coverage, forage production, forage alfalfa seed pilot, and our fall planted barley with winter coverage and our fall planted dry peas and lentils with winter coverage, and also our wheat has a September 30th sales closing date.

Seufer says that RMA worked closely with Tri-State wheat grower groups to move the price discovery period for spring wheat from the spring to the fall.

SEUFER: For the 2014 crop year producers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington will have both a spring and winter wheat projected prices available for their wheat pricing mechanism for the coverage options.

For more information on what best fits their needs producers should contact or visit their local crop insurance agent.


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