Profitability Starts with Genetics

Profitability Starts with Genetics

When buying a group of calves - how can you be sure those black-hides are in fact Angus sired? The answer is AngusSource Genetic.

Identified by bright, neon-green ear tags, AngusSource Genetic calves have been enrolled in the American Angus Association’s program that documents source, age and minimum 50 percent Angus genetics

AngusSource Quality Manager Ginette Kurtz explains more

Kurtz: “One of the great things about AngusSource Genetics is again it is still going to verify that they are out of registered Angus sires. One of the big changes will be producers will actually be able to give us those bull turn out dates and receive their tags from their enrollment prior to the first calf being born.”

The Angus breed has the nation’s largest beef cattle registry and the new AngusSource Genetic program is designed to more closely align with those records.

Cattle producers are looking for ways to improve their operations and beef consumers are seeking more information on the products they purchase. The new plan for AngusSource will assist both.

Kurtz: “As we move forward probably we’re going to see more and more buyers wanting know where their food comes from so the source component would be a very important part of that. And of course buyers of these calves want to know they are out of registered Angus. So if you couple those two things together you’ve really got a win/win situation on enrolling in AngusSource Genetics.” 

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