Combine Derby in Lind Pt 1

Combine Derby in Lind Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. It's a tiny little town that does things in a BIG way. The Eastern Washington town of Lind, in Adams County, is a short hop south of I-90 about 42 miles east of Moses Lake.

Not surprisingly, agriculture is a big part of the Lind livelihood so when the Lion's Club, back in 1988, was looking for a unique way to celebrate the town's first 100 years, they decided give new meaning to the term demolition derby ...

DOYLE ... "The Combine Derby started back in 1988. That was Lind's 100-year Centennial so they wanted to figure out something unique for the 100 year Centennial. So, two guys, Bill Loomis and Ruben Fotey came up with the brain-storm of having a Combine Derby for the 100 Anniversary for Lind's Centennial."

And, Derby chairman Mike Doyle says this weekend's Combine Derby will be the 31st year for what's become a real crowd pleaser in the town of 564 residents ...

DOYLE ... "Over the years it has become very popular. We'll draw around 4-thousand people a year. Could be a few more, could be a few less depending on the weather, but yes, it's a very good money maker for the Lion's Club. That is our money maker for the year."

Doyle says it's one last hurrah for these aging combines ...

DOYLE ... "You might as well put it to one more use before it goes into the scrap pile."

The Lind Combine Derby is this Saturday and includes a weekend of festivities.

Listen tomorrow for details.

The Combine Derby arena is located a mile east of downtown Lind.

Friday: 6pm Demolition car and pickup races.

Saturday: 10:45 Kiddie Parade - 11:00 Grand Parade – Noon BBQ at City Park – 2pm Pickup races – 3pm Combine Demolition Derby – Intermission Pickup and Grain truck races.

Sunday: 10:00 Church Service at arena by Lind Community Church – 2pm Soap Box Coaster Car races on Smart's Hill

You can get tickets at

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