Combine Derby in Lind Pt 2

Combine Derby in Lind Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. A demolition derby like no other is all set for this weekend in the Adams County town of Lind, Washington. For the 31st consecutive year, combines will take to the arena and battle it out.

Lind Lion's Club Combine Derby Chairman, Mike Doyle says festivities begin Friday night with car and pickup racing, followed by a kiddie parade, main parade, and bar-b-q in the park Saturday morning starting at 10:45 ...

DOYLE ... "And then at 2:00 we start off with some pickup racing for about an hour. At 3:00 we start the Combine Derby, and at intermission we'll do some more pickup racing ... AND some grain truck racing IF there's any grain trucks that show up"

But if you're coming, Doyle warns, there will be about 4-thousand joining you ...

DOYLE ... "If people are coming, they need to get there early to find a seat. If they wait too long, and the weather's very nice, it could be a little hard to find a seat, maybe. So, just hoping for a nice weekend. Hopefully, not too hot and not too cold. Like that 80-degree weather would be just perfect."

Doyle says they buy more bleachers every year ...

DOYLE ... "We are bleachered out! We've got bleachers all the way around the whole arena now. So, if 4-thousand people come we can accommodate most everybody now."

Doyle says the evening events conclude with music from a live band. Breakfast is served Sunday morning followed by a Soap Box Car races for the kids.

The Combine Derby arena is located a mile east of downtown Lind. For more information go to

Friday: 6pm Demolition car and pickup races.

Saturday: 10:45 Kiddie Parade - 11:00 Grand Parade – Noon BBQ at City Park – 2pm Pickup races – 3pm Combine Demolition Derby – Intermission Pickup and Grain truck races.

Sunday: 10:00 Church Service at arena by Lind Community Church – 2pm Soap Box Coaster Car races on Smart's Hill

You can get tickets at

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