PSA's New App Pt 2

PSA's New App Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Sustainability is a big thing in agriculture these days and the Potato Sustainability Alliance is out to help growers keep track of their sustainability data as they learn more along the way.

And, PSA CEO John Mesko says their new online mobile app allows growers to make all the decisions …

MESKO … “The growers decide if and whom they’d like to share that data with. And then, it was a bit effort this year to get all of our participants to switch over to this new platform. But next year, when they go back to that mobile app, all of this year’s answers there and they only need to change the ones that changed.”

Mesko says it’s an easy year to year transition with more data every year …

MESKO … “This year we had around 450 growers complete that Farm Self-Assessment in North America, U.S. and Canada. But any potato grower who comes to our website and enrolls is able to use this tool and it’s of no charge to them.”

The app, Mesko says gives growers multiple options …

MESKO … “Maybe they just want the information for themselves and they want to compare against their community. No problem. If they want to share it with somebody that they’re selling potatoes to, says, hey I’d like to know how you’re doing, they can check that box and share it with them.”

For questions about the app or more about the Potato Sustainability Alliance, go to their website at

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