Environmental Practices Pt 2

Environmental Practices Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, that’s the word from Save Family Farming about today’s farmers and ranchers.

Executive Director, Ben Tindall says today’s technology and climate friendly practices are what today’s food production is all about …

TINDALL … “These are stories that we’ve got to share. These are stories that people throughout our state and urban areas, people that really care about our environment, that they need to see and that they need to know, and they need to be impressed with just like I was.”

Tindall says you won’t find a group that cares more …

TINDALL … “These farmers, these ranchers, they are individuals who care a great deal about their land, they care a great deal about their animals, and they care a great deal about what their putting into the land and what they’re pulling out, and they care a great deal about what they’re providing to the public.”

These are things, Tindall says that everyone needs to know …

TINDALL … “These are individuals that we, one, need to trust and appreciate. But two, these are ones that we need to support and we’re just being shown example after example of farmers and ranchers that are really working their hardest to give their very best to the public around them.”

A bad farmer, Tindall says would never last …

TINDALL … “Get the bad eggs out. Ya know, they’re not going to last very long when they’re in competition with so many who are working their hardest and really seeing some good product coming out of the ground and out of, from their animals.”

To learn more, go to www.https://savefamilyfarming.org/

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