Lost Farm-Lost Quality Pt 2

Lost Farm-Lost Quality Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is today’s Fruit Grower Report. The loss of American farmers and farmland needs to stop or we’ll soon be relying on the rest of the world for our food production.

Washington Policy Center’s Ag Director, Pam Lewison says it’s not wrong to expect high-quality food, but growers need our help …

LEWISON … “You know, we have this desire for these very high-quality standards but, on the other hand, we want food to cost very little and we want it to be widely available, and we want it to be available year-round.”

The standards we set, Lewison says while at times challenging, are for a reason …

LEWISON … “Particularly if you are in the business of providing fresh produce, you have to meet those standards to stay in business. It’s mandatory. You don’t have a choice to meet those standards. If you don’t meet them, you’re effectively run out of business by regulations and permitting.”

So, Lewison says don’t worry about OUR food meeting YOUR standards …

LEWISON … “To maintain a level of competitiveness and to maintain your business you must meet those minimums and generally exceed them because somebody down the road is certainly exceeding them and so they’re going to get picked first.”

Lewison says regardless of what some may say about farming practices, the local farmers have got your back.

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