PBN's Moffitt to Retire Pt 2

PBN's Moffitt to Retire Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is today’s Fruit Grower Report. After more than 22 years as president and CEO at Pear Bureau Northwest, Kevin Moffitt has announced he is stepping down, but will help with the transition.

Moffitt says back in November, they held a stakeholder retreat to go over a path forward for the Pear Bureau …

MOFFITT … “I think there was close to 30 of the Pear board members, some growers, some fresh pear committee members got together to really look at what the Pear Bureau should be going forward and where our challenges are, really identifying the needs. And the continuation of increasing consumption is going to be an ongoing need.”

His last words of advice, Moffitt says, is embrace change …

MOFFITT … “Just watching the trends is going to be completely important and knowing how consumers are reacting, how consumers are shopping, how consumers are getting their news is going to be very important because the consumer is key.”

Bottom line, Moffitt says keep preaching …

MOFFITT … “For all the pear lovers out there, keep loving pears, but you know what, spread the love. Tell people why you love those pears. And you know, I would put that out to the growers too. You grow a wonderful product. It’s tasty, it’s a lovely fruit, it’s beautiful. You know, tell others and if that’s a social media post or, contact the Pear Bureau, how we can post your social media stories. So, there you go, we have a great story to tell, let’s tell it.”

Moffitt says they hope to announce his replacement at the annual meeting in late May.

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