Prop 12 and Pork Prices

Prop 12 and Pork Prices

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. California’s Proposition 12 is taking a toll on pork producers, according to one senator.

Iowa’s Chuck Grassley says while Prop 12 was upheld by the Supreme Court and has only been in effect a few months, it’s impact on the pork industry is already evident …

GRASSLEY … “Just to show you the impact on consumers of Proposition 12, pork prices have risen 20 percent since July of last year, 40 percent just on pork loins.”

That’s despite an increase in overall pork production last year. And California may not be the last state to restrict sales based on confinement methods …

GRASSLEY … “Massachusetts has such a referendum, called ‘Question 3.’ Even Secretary Vilsack has said that without Congressional action, these rules will continue to cause chaos in the pork market.”

Vilsack criticized the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Prop 12 during a Senate Ag hearing …

VILSACK … “I don’t think the Supreme Court, when it decided that pork producers had a choice to participate in the California market or not, understood the pork market.

When you’re dealing with 12 percent of the pork market in one state, there is not a choice between doing business in California and not in California.”

Vilsack argued someone must provide national “consistency and clarity” or 50 different states could have 50 different standards. But Grassley says his GOP-backed ‘EATS Act’ lacks bipartisan support and has “stalled.”

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