Big Iron Auctions Pt 1

Big Iron Auctions Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The way we shop is changing by the day, with much of what we buy found online, including online auctions.

Kurt Campbell, VP of Agricultural Sales at BigIron Auctions, says the company began in the early 80s and transitioned to online only about 25 years later …

CAMPBELL … “Our first auction was conducted on BigIron in February of 2009. And from that point, we’ve just continued to grow and service more sellers and find more buyers and then become the marketplace for used equipment.”

Campbell says BigIron is a great way to find the used equipment you need …

CAMPBELL … “We’ll sell for the end-users, you know, the farmer, rancher, the contractor, the landscaper, the trucking company. But then we also do work with dealerships, equipment dealerships, finance companies, rental companies. And so, our spectrum is large.”

And, Campbell says it’s really simple …

CAMPBELL … “So, when you go to it’s simple to register to get a buyer number. You can go on and view items without that, but you can’t you bid. And so we encourage you to just register to bid. With that you also have the ability to go back and look at past sales. So, you can see what maybe equipment like you have has been selling for at auction.”

Go to for more, OR tune in tomorrow for more on BigIron Auctions, an online source for finding the used equipment you’re looking for.

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