Big Iron Auctions Pt 1

Big Iron Auctions Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. It seems that everything these days is online, including auctions for the equipment used on your farm.

Kurt Campbell, VP of Agriculture Sales at BigIron Auctions, says BigIron has a few unique aspects compared to other online auctions …

CAMPBELL … “So, on each item we will have, depends on what it is, could be 60 to 75 photos of a tractor, and operational video, as well as the full description of what that piece of equipment is.”

The BigIron website, Campbell says can answer many of your questions …

CAMPBELL ... “We’ll also have the sellers contact information. So, the person that’s selling that, their name and phone number will be there so you can contact them and ask them additional questions. And you can also contact the local sales rep because their name will be there as well. So, very transparent, very easy to use.”

So, let’s say I’m the highest bidder for a tractor on the

BigIron Auction. How do I get it? …

CAMPBELL … “First of all, we want you to pay for that tractor and so when you’re the high bidder we want you to pay for that. And then, at that point, you can take delivery on your piece of equipment. So, you can pick that up yourself or you can hire a transportation company to deliver that to you.”

BigIron representatives are located around the country and the best way to find them is by going to

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