Merck Sense Hub Pt 1

Merck Sense Hub Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Recently, we told you about livestock producers turning to technology to keep their herds humming with a precision tool from Merck Animal Health called Whisper on Arrival.

And now, Merck veterinarian Justin Welsh says there’s a second option for detecting disease in your cattle …

WELSH … “The other one is, that we have now, is called SenseHub Feedlot and that is an on-animal tag, if you will, a device that fits on their ear and does a very similar thing. It’s not necessarily a diagnosis of respiratory disease. It’s a diagnosis of something’s wrong.”

But, Welsh says respiratory illness is most common …

WELSH … “90% of the disease diagnosis in a feed yard is respiratory disease, so kind of by default, it picks up respiratory disease very early. But it also picks up other abnormal things too that we’re finding and it keeps piling on. I mean, as we get machine learning and all that, the more data we get, the more we learn about how these animals act in the pen and what changes they’re showing us that they need help.”

And with the challenge of finding enough workers …

WELSH … “The obvious labor advantage is there, right, and what we’re finding with that is it decreases the need for a pen rider to go in each individual pen by about 50% or 60% of their time.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on Merck’s SenseHub Feedlot system for healthier livestock.

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