Sustainable Made Easier Pt 1

Sustainable Made Easier Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Sustainability practices are expanding in agriculture with farmers learning more and putting those things into practice.

According to John Mesko, Executive Director of the Potato Sustainability Alliance, their job is to make the process easier to do and to report so that others can learn from their experiences …

MESKO … “We want to streamline that. We want to reduce the number of touchpoints that a farmer has to engage in to tell that story. And we think we’re on our way. But that’s a challenge that as more and more people want to know more information then there’s more and more opportunities for people to ask.”

Not, Mesko says in a complex or confusing way …

MESKO … “It’s combination of expanding the interest and understanding of the importance, but also making it simple. You know, we have new technology. We have new opportunities for farmers to simplify the process.”

Which, Mesko says they are working on …

MESKO … “One of the things we hope to move to in 2023 is to have it on a mobile phone app so that farmers can answer questions in real time rather than wait until December when they’re all done with their growing season and then they have to remember back to February, March, April, and what did I do, and did I do that, and which field was that on?”

Listen tomorrow for more on simplifying sustainability … practices and education.

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