AgWest Startup Grant Program Pt 2

AgWest Startup Grant Program Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The application deadline is the end of August, so if you could use a little financial boost to start your agricultural business, the new AgWest Farm Credit grant program might be for you.

And, AgWest Vice President, Jesika Harper says if you need a little direction with your business and financial plan, they’ve got it on their website …

HARPER … “We’ve got some one-hour, prerecorded content related to preparing financial statements, including a cashflow budget, which is one of the requirements. Similarly, we’ve got some resources related to writing a business plan and a template for the essay and for the business plan.”

And the website? …

HARPER … “Our website is, and if you go to the section about the company, there’s a community engagement section and under the community engagement section there’s a link to our grants.”

And of course, Harper says, there are a limited number of grants …

HARPER … “You know, with the 30 grants that we have, you know, they’re $15,000 each and essentially, we cover a wide range, and the territory is included on our website. But we’re hoping to really see a broad diversity of producers north, south, east to west, across all of our territories, that also represent a broad range of business types.”

Harper says they’ll go through the applications in September and, later this fall, will have an awards ceremony to announce the chosen applicants.

Go to: to learn more about the new AgWest Farm Credit grant program for startup agribusinesses.

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