ESA Revisions Pt 2

ESA Revisions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The Endangered Species Act needs a lot of work, according to members of the Congressional Western Caucus.

One of those challenges, Chairman Dan Newhouse says, is the long overdue delisting of the Gray Wolf which should be considered a major success …

NEWHOUSE … “The Gray Wolf, that should be cause for celebration because they have returned in record numbers. They’re doing well throughout the country. And yet, we continue to keep them on the Endangered Species List.”

Let’s be clear, Newhouse says, the Endangered Species Act just needs to be reworked, not removed …

NEWHOUSE … “Nobody’s talking about getting rid of the Endangered Species Act. Like I said, the original mission of the law is noble and something we should make efforts to protect species from becoming extinct.”

Newhouse says one of the shortcomings of the ESA is that it’s been weaponized …

NEWHOUSE … “The law does not work with landowners in a sufficient way to encourage practices that would help species. In fact, if an endangered species is found on your property it’s more, you’re being penalized.”

Newhouse says from preventing the restoration of our forests to creating overburdensome roadblocks to domestic energy development, the ESA does more harm than good.

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