ESA Revisions Pt 1

ESA Revisions Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Congressional Western Caucus members are again making their case for why the Endangered Species Act is harming rural communities across the country.

Chairman Dan Newhouse says one example is they’ve been pushing for the delisting of the Gray Wolf for some time …

NEWHOUSE … “This is truly and issue that shows the weaknesses or the things about the Endangered Species Act that need to be fixed.”

Newhouse says the ESA has had plenty of time to prove its effectiveness …

NEWHOUSE … “We are now 50 years since the ESA was signed into law under President Nixon. There have been approximately one thousand-three hundred and, I think, 59 different species of plants, animals, insects that have been put on the list.”

And the success rate, Newhouse says is laughable …

NEWHOUSE … “And get this, only 72, 5% of those species, have ever come off the list, meaning that they have been prevented from becoming extinct and no longer required protection. 72, a failing grade in anyone’s estimation except maybe in the federal government.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the lates push to get the Gray Wolf delisted.

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