FFA Volunteer Judges Pt 2

FFA Volunteer Judges Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The Washington State FFA Association is looking for volunteer judges for the upcoming annual Washington State FFA Convention, May 11-13 at the Three-Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick.

Washington FFA Executive Director, Dany Payne says they need judges for their public speaking, marketing plan and agricultural issues competitions …

PAYNE … “We’ll have as many as, you know, 35 either individuals or teams competing in these different areas. So, we’ll need lots of judges to be involved in judging these contests.”

And, Payne says they’ll be there to help …

PAYNE … “So, we’ll provide them all of the information that they would need to judge in accordance with the FFA competition guidelines, but really just an interest in supporting Washington FFA is you really need.”

Payne says it should be about a 4-hour commitment …

PAYNE … “If they’re looking for more information about the convention and want to sign up they can visit our website, www.washingtonffa.org or they can reach out to me directly. My email address is dany@washingtonffa.org .

And, if you’re interested …

PAYNE … “We’re looking to have everybody who’s interested signed up by April 15th. That way we kind of know where we sit and then if we need to reach out and try and try and recruit some more, then we kind of have a better idea of where we’re sitting numbers-wise.”

Payne say in the years ahead, their long-term goal is to have more folks representing the industry in all of the FFA contests.

Again, for more information go to www.washingtonffa.org or contact Executive Director, Dany Payne directly at dany@washingtonffa.org .

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