Push for E15 Fuels Pt 1

Push for E15 Fuels Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. With gas prices still much higher than a year ago in much of the country, why isn’t the idea of E15 and other ethanol blends getting more attention?

Growth Energy General Counsel, Joe Kakesh says the debate over year-round E15 has been a slow process, but just makes sense …

KAKESH … “Because E15 provides significant cost benefits for consumers and higher gas prices are, the greater that benefit is. But in addition, there’s an environmental to using E15. You know, ethanol is 46% lower in greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline. So, the higher the ethanol concentration, the better it is for the environment.”

Many states, Kakesh says have approved E15 but still don’t offer it …

KAKESH … “And in states like Washington that have low-carbon fuel standard programs, ethanol is very competitive on a number of grounds. So, we think any regulatory barriers or market barriers for increased ethanol blends should be overcome in service of these dual goals.”

And so the question, Kakesh says is, why not? …

KAKESH … “It is ready to be used. The infrastructure is there for it to be used. It’s also a matter of getting retailers comfortable with it and make sure they understand that consumers, when provided with these options that are both lower cost and better for the environment, it should be a relatively easy decision for them to make.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on ethanol blended fuels to combat higher prices and burns much cleaner.

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