Combine Derby is Back Pt 2

Combine Derby is Back Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The Lind Combine Derby, in the small town of Lind, Washington, about 48 miles east of Moses Lake, is making a much-anticipated return this weekend, after two years of COVID cancellations.

The Lind Lions Club hosts the Combine Derby, for which board chair Josh Knodel (k-NO-dul) says kicks off tomorrow night with car and pickup races, followed by Saturday’s combine derby …

KNODEL-11 = 17 … “This year we’ve got 15 combines. So, we’ll run three heat races, a consolation heat, and then a final heat of combines. And, intermixed through all of that, oh, we’ll have pickup races and then, also, grain truck races during the intermissions of the combine derby.”

Knodel says the Derby brings a lot of folks to town …

KNODEL-13 = 15 … “On average we draw that 4,000 to about 4,500 people usually. And then, it just depends on the year, but we’ve had as many as 22 combines or, I think, one year we had 23 combines.”

And, he says it’s important for the community …

KNODEL-15 = 15 … “For these small communities, not only Lind, but just small communities in general, you know we rely on these gatherings, I guess you’d call it, or events. A lot of livelihood depends on those in these small communities to interject some outside capital into these towns.”

Tickets can be purchased online at OR at the gate, no limit. Knodel says EVERYONE is welcome.

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