Combine Derby is Back Pt 1

Combine Derby is Back Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. After two years of canceled events, the Lind Combine Derby is back! The small town, about 76 miles southwest of Spokane, is holding their much-beloved Combine Derby this weekend.

Josh Knodel (k-NO-dul), of the Lind Lion’s Club, the Derby’s organizers, says folks are really champing at the Combine Derby bit …

KNODEL … “Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s just people desperate to get out. I don’t know. Call it what you want, but we’ll take them either way.”

Knodel says things get rolling in just two days …

KNODEL … “Friday night gets started at 5pm and usually, oh, by the time we run, usually we have close to 80 to 90 cars, and then about 30 pickups. So, by the time we get done, it’s usually around 9 o’clock Friday night.”

And the next day, Knodel says things heat up …

KNODEL … “Saturday morning the parade starts at 11am, runs through downtown Lind there, and immediately following the parade we’ve got a, oh, a catered bar-b-que there that people can participate in in the park, and kind of buy a little bit of time there before people start heading out to the derby grounds.”

For, Knodel says … the main event …

KNODEL … “At 2 o’clock, we start the first pickup heat races, I guess, and we run those for about an hour and then 3 o’clock is the main event with the combine derby.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the 2022 Lind Combine Derby … or go to

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